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Friday, March 07, 2003

Jim Dillard Biography

By way of introduction, I am a wildlife biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, currently stationed in Mineral Wells and have been with TPWD for 39 years+. In October 1996, I began writing a wildlife column for the Mineral Wells Index entitled "Cross Timbers Wildlife News" as an opportunity for outreach and education for my position as a technical guidance biologist for TPWD. Since that time, I've written a monthly column for that newspaper and expanded its distribute to several other newspapers in Northcentral Texas, newsletters, and email groups of landowners, conservation agencies, friends, associates and relatives. My main purpose was to provide interesting information about the natural world around us here in the Cross Timbers region of Northcentral Texas. My reason for emphasizing the Cross Timbers Region was hopefully to increase awareness of this unique ecological region/zone and its wildlife and habitat resources which are becoming increasingly at risk due to land fragmentation, development and land use changes. Also, to educate landowners (new and old), students, and anyone else that can be reached to increase awareness of the great world of wildlife around us. Although many of the species I've written about are also found in other parts of the state, I wanted to generate local interest and a perceived relationship to common wildlife species here in the Cross Timbers in the minds of readers.

My writing style has evolved in the process and generally revolves around a theme concerning the wildlife biology and habit of different wildlife species that is portrayed in a personal way people of all age groups and interests can hopefully relate to and learn from.

I am originally from Bartlett, Texas where I grew up on the dirt floors of my dad's blacksmith shop and tromped around on the creeks and rivers in that area. I'm a 1967 graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Wildlife Science and continue my career as a technical guidance biologist under TPWD's Private Lands and Habitat Program, assisting landowners in a 20 county area on habitat and wildlife management programs on private lands.


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