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Thursday, March 06, 2003

The Origins of the Nature Writers of Texas

This group had its origins on March 7, 2003 when Burr Williams, in a posting on the TexBirds listserv, suggested ways for Texas Nature Columnists to interact and to present their commentary and observations to a wider audience. This website was born the same day in draft form and has grown from there. The first few writers participating included Carol Cullar, Burr Williams, Ro Wauer, Dr. Terry Maxwell, Gail Morris and Tony Gallucci. By March 16, 13 writers had signed up to be part of the emerging website, and two more writers had been nominated. On Sunday, March 16, its presence was officially announced on the web through several nature-oriented ListServs.

On the first month's anniversary, the site contained the writings of and/or links to 13 writers, with another six preparing materials to be posted. By the end of 2003, 16 writers had participated at some level, and another nine have been nominated. Over the course of the first few months we have featured writings by Carol Cullar, Ro Wauer and Ron Smith and hope to feature many more.

After a series of server and hard drive fiascos in the summer of 2005, a decision was made to change modes of delivery. This reversion to a blog format was completed in late August 2005 with the moving of all the archives and current articles.

Please bookmark this site and browse at leisure. And by all means let your favorite writers know you appreciate their aesthetic and educational work on behalf of our wildlife. If you know of someone not represented here be sure to encourage them to contact us.

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