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Sunday, April 04, 2004

How Well do You Know the Mammals?
Ro Wauer, April 4, 2004, The Victoria Advocate, © 2004

A few weeks ago (Sept. 28) this column included a bird quiz that lots of readers enjoyed (I was told). So, assuming that my spies were correct, here is a follow-up to that quiz, one on mammals. Answer by circling A, B, or C. The correct letters are included at the end.

1. The official Texas mammal is the (A) mountain lion, (B) armadillo, or (C) javelina.
2. The smallest of all the Texas mammals is a (A) mole, (B) shrew, or (C) mouse.
3. Which one of the following rabbits does not occur in Texas? (A) swamp rabbit, (B) black-tailed jackrabbit, or (C) antelope jackrabbit.
4. The most common bat in Texas is the (A) big brown, (B) Mexican free-tailed, or (C) hoary bat.
5. The largest of the Texas ground squirrels is the (A) Mexican ground-squirrel, (B) rock squirrel, or (C) spotted ground squirrel.
6. Which one of the following tree squirrels does not occur in Texas? (A) red, (B) gray, or (C) red-bellied squirrel.
7. Which one of the following rodents is not a native Texan? (A) lemming, (B) cotton rat, or (C) flying squirrel.
8. The gopher that does not occur in Texas is the (A) Botta's pocket-gopher, (B) Southeastern pocket-gopher, or (C) yellow-faced pocket-gopher.
9. Opossums occur throughout Texas; the exception is the (A) Pineywoods, (B) Far West Texas, or (C) Lower Rio Grande Valley.
10. Which one of the following skunks does not occur in the Coastal Bend? (A) spotted, (B) striped, or (C) hooded skunk.
11. Which one of the following deer in not native to Texas? (A) mule, (B) fallow, or (C) white-tailed deer.
12. Bighorn sheep are Texas natives, but are found only in the (A) Trans-Pecos, (B) Pineywoods, or (C) Edward's Plateau.
13. The only native Texas weasel is the (A) ermine, (B) ferret, or (C) long-tailed.
14. The river otter occurs in Texas only in the (A) Pineywoods, (B) Lower Rio Grande Valley, or (C) Upper Colorado River.
15. Raccoons are most closely related to (A) skunks, (B) cats, or (C) the ringtail.
16. The only bear found in Texas is the (A) brown, (B) polar, or (C) grizzly.
17. The only fox that is widespread in Texas is the (A) red, (B) gray, or (C) kit fox.
18. Which one of the following cats is not listed as an endangered species? (A) bobcat, (B) ocelot, or (C) jaguarundi.
19. The largest of the native Texas cats is the (A) ocelot, (B) mountain lion, or (C) jaguar.
20. Which group of mammals possess antlers instead of horns? (A) deer, (B) bison, or (C) pronghorn.
21. Which one of the following wetland species is not a native Texan? (A) beaver, (B) nutria, or (C) muskrat.
22. Which species of wolf was once native only to eastern Texas? (A) gray, (B) red, or (C) Mexican.
23. Which one of the following species in not a native Texan? (A) badger, (C) lynx, or (C) porcupine.
24. Javelinas occur throughout much of Texas. The are absent from the (A) Big Bend area, (B) Lower Rio Grande Valley, or (C) Pineywoods.
25. Which one of the following whales does not occur in the Gulf of Mexico: (A) blue, (B) humpback, or (C) sperm.

Answers: 1 (B), 2 (B), 3 (C), 4 (B), 5 (B), 6 (C), 7 (A), 8 (C), 9 (B), 10 (C), 11 (B), 12 (A), 13 (C), 14, (A), 15 (C), 16 (A), 17 (B), 18 (A), 19 (C), 20 (A), 21 (B), 22 (B), 23 (C), 24 (C), 25 (B).


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